Easy Python Beginners to Pro – SQL – MySQL Database & Python(2021)

Python Beginners to Pro

Easily learn Python From the Pro programmer & Teacher : Basics – Beginners to Pro – Using SQL , MySQL Python Database

What you’ll learn (Python Beginners to Pro)

  • 4 Courses in One + 30 Hours + Many Projects – Easily and Deeply learn the Python!
  • Install & start using Python and IDLE on Windows 10
  • Install & customize Pycharm
  • Comments in Python
  • Variables in Python (int, float, string, bool)
  • Type casting and conversion
  • Getting inputs from users
  • Working with Strings
  • String Methods (lower, replace, find,…)
  • String slicing & String formatting
  • Arithmetic operators & Precedence of operators
  • Assignment, Identity and Membership operators
  • Numeric functions ( pow, sum, round, …)
  • Using modules in Python
  • Math module in Python (pi, log, sqrt, sin, cos, tan ,…)
  • datetime & platform modules in Python
  • Using dir() function in Python
  • if statement , else and elif
  • Logical operators
  • while loop , break and continue
  • Number & Animal Guessing Game
  • Using files and folders in Python
  • Customer Management App in Python


Course content (Python Beginners to Pro)

20 sections • 148 lectures • 31h 58m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction2 lectures • 4min

  • Introduction to this coursePreview04:14
  • Project files of this course00:07

Installing Python3 lectures • 20min

  • What do we need for Python?Preview05:41
  • Installing Python and Pycharm on Windows 10Preview06:01
  • Start using Python and IDLE08:04

Basics – Start Python in Pycharm2 lectures • 21min

  • Create first Python project in Pycharm08:41
  • Run first Python code in Pycharm12:34

Customizing Pycharm2 lectures • 15min

  • Customize settings & environment of Pycharm10:33
  • Project => Drawing shapes in Python04:28

Python Coding Basics7 lectures • 1hr 32min

  • Comments in Python03:58
  • Variables in Python ( string, int, float, bool)17:08
  • Variables – Naming rules & assigning values19:11
  • Get the data type of variables07:47
  • Type casting and conversion20:58
  • Getting inputs from users09:27
  • Project => Simple calculator in Python13:13

Strings in Python4 lectures • 1hr 11min

  • Working with StringsPreview12:26
  • String Methods29:53
  • String slicing16:06
  • String formatting in Python12:54

Basic operators & Functions in Python8 lectures • 1hr 32min

  • What are basic operators in Python?03:55
  • Arithmetic operators12:45
  • Precedence of operators19:09
  • Assignment operators14:15
  • Identity operators06:24
  • Membership operators06:11
  • Numeric functions11:04
  • Project => Age calculator17:54

Modules in Python8 lectures • 1hr 45min

  • What is Module in Python?12:01
  • Using modules with “Import” keyword10:44
  • Math module in Python35:34
  • Project => Degree to Radian convertor10:02
  • Project => Area of circle calculator08:13
  • Using Platform module in Python11:57
  • Using datetime module in Python12:14
  • Using dir() function in Python04:35

Python Statements – Flow Control15 lectures • 2hr 38min

  • Simple if statement => simple conditionPreview09:42
  • Comparison operators14:07
  • else statement => to create advance if06:03
  • elif => Multiple if statements06:18
  • Logical operators14:07
  • while loop => Simple method16:28
  • Project=> String splitter by while loop12:31
  • break statement in while loop06:24
  • continue statement in while loop07:26
  • Simple for loop structure in Python15:10
  • break statement with for loop06:00
  • continue , pass statements with for loop09:24
  • Nested for loop09:33
  • range function with for loop12:49
  • Project => String & List splitter with range() & for loop12:19

Beginners Projects in Python2 lectures • 30min

  • Project=> Number Guessing Game in PythonPreview19:02
  • Project=> Animal Guessing Game in Python10:45

Files and Folders in Python12 lectures • 2hr 38min

  • What is a file and steps to use it in Python?10:50
  • Reading the file by: open(), read(), readline(), …21:50
  • Writing the file by: open(), write(), writelines(), …18:15
  • Append values and create a file10:03
  • Using “r+” to read and write text file06:39
  • Using “a+” to read and append text file05:51
  • Protect data inside text file & change the folder of it11:59
  • Check if the file exist by os module?10:51
  • Rename a file by os module06:09
  • Delete a file by os module04:13
  • Folder functions: create folder, rename, delete, exist …21:21
  • Project => Customer info with save and search29:30

Functions in Python9 lectures • 1hr 43min

  • Create and call the function in Python13:44
  • docstring in function05:30
  • Arguments or parameter in functions21:53
  • Keyword arguments in function07:19
  • *args : Variable-length arguments07:12
  • **kwargs : Variable-length keyword arguments10:26
  • Return value of function – pass statement10:34
  • Recursion function17:24
  • Scope of variables09:25

Debugging and Error Handling3 lectures • 49min

  • What are Bug and Debug & line numbers?07:32
  • Breakpoints and debugging Python code18:21
  • “try structure” : error handling in Python code23:22

Collections in Python6 lectures • 3hr 1min

  • List Basics:34:11
  • List Advance:27:05
  • Tuple31:51
  • Set Basics28:20
  • Set advance methods16:01
  • Dictionary Basics43:09

PIP and Packages2 lectures • 43min

  • Start using PIP & Pypi18:03
  • Find and install packages24:55

Quick Review of SQL Server15 lectures • 5hr 54min

  • Who should watch this section!00:18
  • Download & install SQL 2014 on Windows 10 and Windows 730:01
  • Start using SQL server and SSMS18:30
  • Working with SQL database22:03
  • Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24
  • Using SQL Server Table35:55
  • SQL Numeric Data types42:50
  • SQL English Text Data types22:52
  • SQL Unicode Text Data types21:12
  • GUID datatype in SQL11:19
  • How to Attach, Detach and offline the SQL database16:12
  • Identity and Auto Increment Column in SQL Server16:25
  • SQL Date Time Data types26:41
  • Create “Phone Book” database in SQL43:54
  • Select Query In SQL39:27

MS SQL Apps in Python5 lectures • 1hr 35min

  • Structure of Database Apps in Python09:02
  • Installing pyodbc module on Python07:59
  • Create Sample SQL Server Database15:57
  • Connect to SQL Database in Python27:22
  • Load SQL Server data & show in Python34:26

Quick Review of MySQL37 lectures • 3hr 40min

  • Who should watch this section!00:16
  • Download the Oracle MySQL06:10
  • Install MySQL on Windows 10-64 Bit12:35
  • Install .Net framework 4.5.2 on Windows 7-64 Bit05:05
  • Install MySQL on Windows 7- 64 Bit12:29
  • Various features of MySQL04:05
  • Create the MySQL Connection for connecting to it06:48
  • Using main parts on MySQL Workbench06:46
  • What is MySQL Database?03:10
  • Create the Database in MySQL09:31
  • Edit- delete and configure My SQL database?07:35
  • What is Charset in My SQL Database?06:24
  • What is the Collation in My SQL Database?05:33
  • Utf8mb4 Charset and Collation in MySQL Database06:55
  • introduction to My SQL Table05:17
  • Add Simple table to the MySQL Database07:54
  • Create Multi-Column table in MySQL08:38
  • How to edit and configure the table in MySQL?07:00
  • Add sample data to MySQL table07:31
  • What is MySQL data type?02:37
  • What is MySQL Numeric data types?04:24
  • Various Decimal Data Types in MySQL05:24
  • Various Date Time Data types in MySQL03:39
  • Various Text & Char data types in MySQL05:07
  • What is Auto-Increment column in MySQL?04:05
  • Add Auto-Increment column in MySQL03:57
  • Reset Auto Increment value in MySQL05:53
  • Create Phone Book Database in MySQL04:24
  • Add Personal columns to “Customer List” table09:26
  • Add Contact columns to “Customer List” table05:39
  • Add auto increment to “ID” column02:17
  • Add sample data and test our MySQL table09:58
  • What is Select Query in MySQL?00:50
  • Use Select query with (*) to show all columns06:43
  • Writing our first Select query05:43
  • Sort the records with Select query05:52
  • Limit number of rows with Select Query04:27

MySQL Apps in Python5 lectures • 1hr 47min

  • Structure of using MySQL in Python05:27
  • Installing MySQL module on Python11:13
  • Create Sample MySQL Database33:00
  • Connect to MySQL database in Python22:07
  • Load MySQL data and show in Python35:07

Bonus Section: Get My Other Courses with Discount1 lecture • 1min

  • Bonus Lecture: Get Amazing Discount for My Other Courses00:31

Requirements (Python Beginners to Pro)

  • Access to a computer that runs the Windows 10 operating system.

Description (Python Beginners to Pro)

Python Beginners to Pro

Hi There!

With my 23 years programming skills I’m with you to share my knowledge with you.

In dead this course is based on my teaching skills in the real world classes and how to teach the students in the unique and simple method.

So the only thing you need is your inner motivation for learning the Python. Then you can start learning it after watching the tutorial.

The main purpose of this course is only to teach you the basics and how to start learning the Python.


If you try you will be a Python programmer!

If you wanna start learning Python programming!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial that teach Python with real project in simplest way!

If you want really to be a Python programmer so it’s best place that you can start to learn Python.

This is what you will get in this Python Programming course:

  • Installing Python
  • Start using Python and IDLE
  • Create first Python project in Pycharm
  • Run first Python code in Pycharm
  • Customize settings & environment of Pycharm
  • Project => Drawing shapes in Python
  • Comments in Python
  • Variables in Python
  • Type casting and conversion
  • Getting inputs from users
  • Working with Strings
  • String slicing
  • String formatting in Python
  • Arithmetic and Precedence operators
  • Assignment , Identity and Membership operators
  • Numeric functions
  • Project => Age calculator
  • Modules in Python
  • Math function in Python
  • Project => Degree to Radian convertor
  • Project => Area of circle calculator
  • Platform module in Python
  • datetime module in Python
  • Using dir() function in Python
  • Simple if statement => simple condition
  • Comparison operators
  • else statement => to create advance if
  • elif => Multiple if statements
  • Logical operators
  • while loop => Simple method
  • Project=> String splitter by while loop
  • break statement in while loop
  • continue statement in while loop
  • Project=> Number Guessing Game in Python
  • Project=> Animal Guessing Game in Python
  • Project=> String splitter by while loop
  • Using files and folders in Python
  • Project=>Customer Management App in Python

Learn to Program Using Python 3 (Python Beginners to Pro)

Don’t hesitate to start learning Python!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi Python world and let’s go !!!

Who this course is for: (Python Beginners to Pro)

  • Every one who wants to learn easily to get in the world of Python


Musavi Abdullah

Musavi AbdullahProfessional Programmer of C# ,VB.Net,SQL,ASP.Net,setup …

  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 1,134 Reviews
  • 102,145 Students
  • 6 Courses

I’m an experienced software programmer that spent 20+ years designing and developing many windows application, web sites and web services.I believe that programmers can make the world better place to live.

After 17 years o f teaching in high school i hope you have great moments in my courses and really after my classes you will be real programmer!

With My Tutorials:

   – You will learn C #,Vb dot net and programming with easiest method

   – It comes with practical examples and projects.

   – You can become a professional programmer 

In addition I always try to find best solutions for my customer’s problems.  Satisfaction of  customers and clients are the main approach that you will see after my jobs done.

General : C#.Net -Vb dot net – Visual Studio 2017- DevExpress – Telerik

Web Applications : ASP.NET – ASP.NET Web Service – HTML- JavaScript – jQuery

Database : MS SQL -MySQL -Access

Reports : Crystal Reports  – Stimulsoft Report- DevExpress Reports

Other skills : Team management  – Arduino and Electronic Circuit Design

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