Growth Hacking & Viral Marketing: #1 Growth Hacking Strategy

Viral Marketing for Growth Hacking! Proven Viral Marketing Secrets from a Growth Hacking Guru & MBA | Viral Growth Now!

What you’ll learn

  • Growth Hacking
  • Growth Marketing
  • Growth Hacking Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy

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Description (Viral Marketing)

Do you want to grow extremely quickly without a lot of money? Do you wish your marketing investments produced exponential growth instead of petty marginal gains? Do you feel there are better ways to grow than just copying competitors? Are you looking for HUGE wins and EXPLOSIVE growth? This is the course for you: the definitive guide to growth hacking! Viral Marketing

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This course is for truly ambitious entrepreneurs, marketers, and product managers who want to drive real IMPACT. This is NOT for people who want to hide in the corner of the office just to collect a paycheck. This is NOT for people looking for predictable marketing methods that everyone else is using. This course is for the bold movers and shakers on Udemy.

This is not your typical growth marketing course focused on tiny optimization techniques. This isn’t just about easy-to-measure tweaks and A/B testing. This is about serious growth hacking that’s a combination of creativity, fundamental principles, strategy, data, and bold decisions.

Learn the growth hacking secrets of a veteran Silicon Valley marketer with a top-tier U.S. MBA and Fortune 100 experience.

Some of the key things you’ll walk away with:

  • How to get tons of users and paying customers quickly without spending a lot of cash
  • Specific growth hacking methods that worked for me in doubling monthly recurring revenue in just a few months, acquiring users for cents (not dollars), and how I got 30,000,000 views for FREE
  • Links to over 50 successful growth hacking case studies
  • How to exploit opportunities that your competitors are ignoring
  • The high-level principles to evaluate and apply to all growth hacks

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Key growth hacking topics:(Viral Marketing)

  1. Easy hacks for customer acquisition, user acquisition, and lead generation
  2. Fundamentals of growth hacking
  3. Word of mouth marketing
  4. How to seed network effects & 2-sided markets
  5. Product led growth
  6. Marketing psychology
  7. High-level growth strateg
  8. (Viral arketing )

My hands-on marketing experience includes:

  • Startups of all sizes ranging from bootstrapped to Series-D
  • A Google venture-backed startup
  • A Google accelerator startup
  • Sony PlayStation(VIRAL MARKETING)

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Who this course is for: (Viral Marketing)

  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Demand Generation Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Founders
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Brand Marketing Managers
  • Marketers (Viral arketing )

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Course content (Viral Marketing)

11 sections • 91 lectures • 7h 58m total length (Viral Marketing)

Growth Hacking Introduction & Key Concepts11 lectures • 43min

  • The 3 Principles of Growth HackingPreview 04:44
  • Example of the 3 Growth Hacking PrinciplesPreview05:14
  • 3 Principles of Growth Hacking3 questions
  • Supply & Demand Growth Hacking02:40
  • Example – Low Supply Growth HackingPreview04:08
  • Economies of Scale or Leverage04:05
  • Growth Hacking Tactic for Economies of Scale03:39
  • Marketing Psychology Growth Hacking02:17
  • Example – Marketing Psychology Growth Hacking02:23
  • Growth Hacking Mistakes09:33
  • Growth Hacking Mistakes1 question
  • Look for Big Opportunities, Not just Problems04:37
  • 50+ Growth Hacking Cases Studies (Including Tinder, Freshly, Harry’s, etc.)!00:00

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Easy Approaches to Growth Hacking Acquisition & Lead Generation4 lectures • 34min

  • Pay People to Talk to Sales15:37
  • Lead Generation Is Easy 04:41
  • Enter Low Supply Channels: Easy Growth Hacking11:21
  • Market Your Offer Instead of Your Product02:28

Word of Mouth Growth Hacking8 lectures • 1hr 6min

  • Introduction & the 3 Types of Word of Mouth Growth Hacking15:13
  • 3 Types of WOM Growth Hacking1 question
  • 3 Drivers of Word of Mouth Growth Hacking11:13
  • Major Word of Mouth Drivers1 question
  • Tips to Generate Word of Mouth Growth Hacking13:49
  • Word of Mouth Growth Hacking WorksheetPreview06:45
  • Canva Word of Mouth Growth Hacking Case Study03:46
  • Viral Content Growth Hacking04:36
  • STEPPS viral framework1 question
  • Viral World of Mouth in the Book Industry09:45
  • Beard Bib Example – Virality00:44

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Key Influencers Growth Hacking4 lectures • 27min

  • Key Influencers Growth Hacking – Part 104:15
  • Key Influencers Growth Hacking (Viral arketing )- Part 203:54
  • Finding Growth Hacking Influencers with Sparktoro11:23
  • Approaching Growth Hacking Influencers07:10

Growth Hacking Network Effects & 2-Sided Markets3 lectures • 23min

  • Seeding Markets with Network Effects10:54
  • Seeding 2-Sided Markets06:36
  • Growth Hacking 2-Sided Markets1 question
  • Airbnb Growth Hacking Case Study05:14

Partnerships Growth Hacking2 lectures • 5min

  • Latch onto large companies – part 102:14
  • Latch onto large companies – part 202:38

App Store and Marketplace Optimization (ASO/SEO) Growth Hacking2 lectures • 22min

  • Keyword Research(Viral arketing )12:26
  • Listing Optimization09:59

Product Led Growth15 lectures • 1hr 43min

  • The key to product led growth is a wider top-of-funnelPreview02:58
  • What can we learn about product-led growth from free-to-play games?06:34
  • Gamification: the Frontier of Product-Led Growth11:59
  • Habit-forming products15:19
  • Product led habit formation00:49
  • Do not require a work email!09:23
  • What does product-led really mean?02:51
  • The end user is king03:35
  • Usage-based trials04:45
  • Product Led Growth with RocketReach: The Usage Experience06:46
  • Email nurturing after signing up for a free account – part 114:38
  • Email nurturing after signing up for a free account(Viral arketing ) – part 211:18
  • Sample nurture emails and tips00:31
  • Initial sign up process07:33
  • Product led conversion benchmarks03:35

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Growth and Its Sources8 lectures • 18min

  • Growth can be bad for business [Strategy]03:24
  • Defining growth & its 3 sources [Accounting]02:03
  • When is growth necessary? [Corporate Development]02:46
  • Where does growth come from? [Business/Corporate Development]03:07
  • Sources of Growth [Marketing]02:06
  • The 2 places to look for growth opportunities – part 1 [Strategy]02:02
  • The 2 places to look for growth opportunities(Viral arketing ) – part 2 [Strategy]02:02
  • Growth happens in small pockets00:45

How to Grow11 lectures • 27min

  • Growth through Price Increases02:07
  • Growth through Customer Acquisition02:01
  • Getting customers – strategy part 104:34
  • Getting customers – strategy part 205:07
  • Growth relies on clear financial goals01:43
  • Measure demand for your product before you create it03:05
  • Growth Hacking a Product Launch03:11
  • The Early Stages of Growth01:47
  • Riding a wave is easier than making one(Viral arketing )01:17
  • What if you’re first to market?01:24
  • How marketing budgeting drives growth01:00

Marketing Psychology23 lectures • 1hr 51min

  • One Simple Trick04:45
  • How to change people’s minds09:41
  • 1 simple way to change people’s minds03:07
  • Changing people’s minds – example03:36
  • Likeability05:04
  • Incrementalism06:15
  • Addressing objections 106:52
  • Addressing objections 107:49
  • Don’t ask for annoying information upfront(Viral arketing )05:45
  • Persuasion04:56
  • Persuasion in app example01:15
  • Reciprocity04:09
  • Cold Email06:42
  • Scarcity in ecommerce02:29
  • Visibility02:41
  • Toilet paper01:49
  • Familiarity, Likeability, and Influence03:30
  • Closure03:53
  • Case Study – Cheers02:58
  • Case Study – Agoda07:09
  • Telling investors what they want to hear09:27
  • Radical simplification 1 02:54
  • Radical simplification 2 03:45

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Dekker Fraser, MBA Marketing Executive | Startups to Fortune 100 | Kellogg MBA

  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
  • 1,866 Reviews
  • 101,255 Students
  • 33 Courses

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Management Experience

• Global Product Marketing Manager for Sony PlayStation

• Vice President of Marketing for Talkatoo

• Senior Product Marketing Manager for Webgility

• Product Marketing Manager for Rocket Lawyer (Google-backed)

• Director of Marketing for Ironclad Games / Flame Design

• SaaS Marketing Consultant


• MBA in Marketing from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management

• Leadership Essentials from Columbia Business School

• Bachelor of Commerce from Mount Allison University

• Master’s and bachelor’s-level business courses at BI: Norwegian Business School

• Presidential Scholar at Saint Mary’s University

Academic & Volunteer Experience

• University MBA Program Advisor

• College Marketing Lecturer for Digital Marketing & Business Analytics

• Division Director and VP of Membership for Toastmasters International

• Board of Directors for a charity

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