YouTube Ads Marketing Masterclass: Increase Your YouTube ROI 2021

Master the art of Advertising on YouTube! Learn Profitable YouTube Ads Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business

What you’ll learn(YouTube Ads Marketing)

  • You’ll learn how to craft your first Youtube Ads Campaign
  • You’ll learn why YouTube offers such a good Advertising opportunity
  • You’ll learn how to navigate Youtube Analytics and understand YouTube metrics
  • You’ll learn how I was able to obtain a CPV of 0.004€ and a CPM of 0.60€ with YouTube Ads

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  • No prior experience or skill required for taking this online course.

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Description (YouTube Ads Marketing)

If you’re not marketing on YouTube yet, it’s time to get started. With more than 2 billion active users, there’s never been a better time to get your business on the world’s second-most popular social media platform and reach a new audience.

YouTube is also the world’s second-largest search engine, right after Google, which makes it fertile ground for free organic marketing.

Between Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and all the other social platforms, it’s hard to know where you should invest your time. While it’s never bad to be present on all platforms, setting up a YouTube channel for your business should be your top priority.

Why? Video dominates social media, and YouTube is the largest platform entirely dedicated to it.

The number of marketers and consumers already using the platform speaks to its power. Oberlo found that 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform.

Likewise, of its 2 billion users, Google found that 90% of people use YouTube to discover new products.

Surprisingly, YouTube is a relatively untapped platform for small businesses. Only 9% of small businesses have signed up for it, which suggests there’s still plenty of space left for your business.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world
  • YouTube is used by 55% of marketers
  • People watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video content each day
  • YouTube is available in over 100 countries and 80 languages
  • Over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Views on videos targeted at “beginners” increased 50% in 2020
  • YouTube is the most widely used social platform among US adults
  • YouTube generated over $5 billion in advertising revenue in Q3 2020Source: Sproutsocial

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Who this course is for: (YouTube Ads Marketing)

  • Beginner digital marketers
  • Future Business Owners
  • Anyone interested in learning about Youtube Marketing
  • Youtube Ads professional
  • CMO: Chief marketing officer
  • Marketing professionals
  • Social media managers
  • Youtube Marketers
  • Youtube Ads Agency
  • Passive Income Entrepreneurs
  • Online Business owners

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Course content (YouTube Ads Marketing)

3 sections • 15 lectures • 1h 16m total lengthExpand all sections

Why Youtube is the Best Platform to Advertise On in 20214 lectures • 21min

  • Youtube Ads Masterclass Introduction00:40
  • Youtube Ads Stats (Part 1)06:15
  • Youtube Ads Stats (Part 2)06:13
  • Why Youtube is the Best Platform to Advertise On (in my opinion)08:01

Youtube Ads 1019 lectures • 48min

  • Step 1. Upload your advertising video on YouTube01:59
  • Choosing the Video Ad Type02:21
  • Step 2. Create a new Google Ads campaign04:27
  • Step 3. Customize your campaign07:01
  • Networks and Locations05:41
  • Choose your Target Audience07:13
  • Choose your Inventory Type02:34
  • Step 6. Select your ideal Ad Placement08:31
  • Step 8. Customize your YouTube video ad07:45

Youtube Ads Bonus Tips2 lectures • 8min

  • Youtube analytics03:55
  • How to get a CPV of 0.004$03:46

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